1 Oct 2019 - Drone Registration Day ... or possibly Nov 5th

So as many should be aware of by now the drone registration comes into place soon… well on the 1st of October wondering what peoples thoughts are on it??

There is a rumor that it has been put on hold i believe

Where did you hear/see that??

On another forum and a you tube vid, it said something about the being a new minister in charge now

Currently I don’t think our government, let alone a minister, is in charge of anything. :man_shrugging:


Haha very true!

HMM… where?


So what exactly happens on that day do we have to register by then on the day or before we fly again after that date
Cheers Dave

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Well, a lot of us on here have done a test registration and flight test, on behalf of the CAA.
We will just have to wait and see.

The registration system goes live on 1st October 2019.

Well, that’s the plan…

You can fly up until 30 November 2019 without registering.

If you wish to fly after 30 November 2019 you will need to register.

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What will happen if one person that flies a drone is PfCO qualified and the other person is just a hobbyist? Or do we not know this yet?

Every drone operator has to register, regardless of PfCO or who you’re flying with or anything else. Everyone is required to register, even fixed-wing plane and RC heli pilots.

Unless an organisation is registering on your behalf - but with the possible exception of FPVUK I don’t know anyone willing to take on that responsibility.

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Ok that’s annoying

Is it £16.50 every month

No that’s per annum and may change.

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Per year.

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Is that per person as well

Only persons need to be registered so yes.

Once you are registered you can fly as many drones as you like

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Huh I said is it 16.50 per person? Confused