1 Oct 2019 - Drone Registration Day ... or possibly Nov 5th

Lower it to 248g. :wink:

I saw earlier in the week that FPVUK public liability insurance is still valid even if you don’t register.

Unsure of the BMFA PIL stance on that.

CAA goes high tech for registration database - Excel!

The Register article here:

It’s a quick read but, as always with the register, it’s worth reading the comments section, the contributors are possibly even more cynical than we GADC members!

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FPVUK have been highlighting this issue for ages, it’s crazy eh?

And all credit to Simon Dale, he appears to be the only one highlighting it!

The story goes that an API was deemed out of scope/budget by BJSS and now their project is over, they’re gone, that’s it :roll_eyes:

No doubt CAA would need another £x0,000s to build an API for this and it’d take another nine months. I’m pretty sure that we could build one for a couple of grand in two weeks. But anyway, that’s a whole other conversation.

Apologies if this is already covered somewhere - I’ve done a search and can’t find anything recent on it. Does anyone know if the CAA online registration service has gone live yet? I can’t find any link on the CAA website, only that ‘a link will be available’.


Moved your post over to here … lots of posts about it.

Goes live on the 5th


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I’ve posted separately links to various exemptions from the registration requirements so that they are easier to find.


Maybe I’ve not been looking in the right areas, and this might certainly be more pertinent in the run up to Christmas, but I’ve not seen any details about registration in the general media. Yes there’s a lot of preaching to the already converted but nothing as far as reaching out to the curious high street shopper. Surely the powers that be aren’t expecting the Curry’s and PCWorld “on commission” sales assistant to be providing all the legal education to new purchasers?


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FPV member “A”test done :frog: Kermit lol
As PfCO I take it I will still have to register Drone as operator through CAA?


Yes, that’s correct. I’m ok now, done my FPV UK ‘A’ test, printed my certificate and exemptions, put a reminder in my diary for the end of January.


When will the CAA issue the exemption documents for current PfCO holders?

See my link about 5 posts ago.

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Ahh ok thank you why don’t they publise it more?

Maybe they’ll put something on the registration site when it goes live … or maybe not!

Hmm I guess we will have to wait until the 5th. Wondering how many still don’t have a clue about registration

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You can count me as one without a clue…:grinning:

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OK well I would advice you scrolling through this thread I made about it then

Due to this thread having been active since September it has become increasingly difficult to find accurate information in here as DRES dates keep changing.

More about DRES: Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DRES)

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