1 Year with the DJI Phantom 4

I decided to go through my saved footage, taking clips in chronological order, and make some videos.
Just finished the first one of my first 12 months with the P4 from back in 2017.
Seems daft having all this footage just sat there. At least now I can delete it and make room for more.


Year 2…


I’ve had my phantom 4 for three years and I still haven’t got round to making a proper showreel so well done! :+1:t2:

Thanks @alexmciver I’m off work with sciatica and have all this footage just sitting there filling up a 4TB hard drive. I’ve still got the 3rd year to do before moving on to the Mavic footage lol

Oh no that’s not good

@alexmciver Yeah, the only flying I’m doing is on the DJI Flight Simulator. It’s a right pain in the … back.

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