1404 3600 pooped

Right these out of stock, and put GPS on a softserial after remapping (though it doesn’t seem to work… shame), anyway, noticed one of the motors isn’t happy at all… It’ll turn one way, but not the other (by hand). It seems gritted up. So any suggestions on what to do, I know @Yith mentioned his… There no screw on the bottom like some, there’s a “half” o ring thing (I’m not great at these things). Probably need a new one, but like everything… Stock nothing, and tbh really wanted to fly this tomorrow, not looking likely. So if can “de gunk” that’ll be good.

The bell and everything do look in line and OK, but I know we’re talking tiny tiny amounts of knocking can put it out… Last flight was hard crash at chesterfield… So… you know…

Thatlll probably be a magnet come off the inside of the motor. You can remove the C clip and remove the bell and check inside to see whats stopping the motor turning. You can get C clip pliers which makes the whole process a little easier. Something like these

Okies. Cheers. How do I remove a C clip (and yeah that’s the better term!) without the pliers? Oh I see you just added a link :wink: But without? Oh I got a screwfix local maybe…

I can’t see a magnet off at all, but will try and get the bell off… Let’s see if my local SF has some pliers in stock. Don’t think ever removed a bell before!

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In stock and ordered for collection, thank you SG!! Will see if there a video out there too :wink:

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Very difficult. Not so much getting it off but getting it back on afterward is hard without pliers. I did it once but alot of fucking around with tiny flat blade screwdrivers. I ended up stretching the clip by accident and then had to reshape it to fit back on. Wouldnt recommend when £5 pliers make it much easier lol

Oh and be careful not to lose the tiny washer under the clip that protects the bearing

Or the c clip! They tend to ping off around the room. This is one reason why i like t motor. They supply spares!

Absolutely lol