150 meters rule

I have been asked to film a midlands based football stadium.
I am mindful of trying to stay more than 150 meters from a congested area.
If the football club gives me permission can I by pass this rule?
The filming will not take place on a match day. It will be both a 360 of the entire stadium and also from the centre circle outwards of all 4 stands.

(b) over or within 150 metres of an organised open-air assembly of more than 1,000 persons;

what it would be is a “Pano” basically then?.


Sadly, no. There’ll be roads, cars, people outside that aren’t in your control and you’ll probably lose VLOS at some point. You’d probably get away with the inside of the stadium so long as you could brief the people working there and remained 50 metres from the structure itself.

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Yes I can’t do that from the centre circle.

I agree with Lee, you may get away with it from inside the Stadium, from the Centre Spot (with their written permission).
But no way from outside the stadium, unless you were PfCO Certified.
Even then, you would have to submit all sorts of permissions, and do risk assessments before you apply to the relevant authorities.


Maybe if you flew early on a Sunday morning when there’s hardly anyone about rather than any other day.
I was looking at flying in York recently and noticed that at 5am on a Sunday morning the place is deserted. Of course it’s getting darker in the morning now so you’d have to be quick before autumn sets in

Another great answer thanks. This site is so helpful to a newby.

I am doing the Pfco course in Stoke on the 12th August. (Icarus).

Inside will be do-able.
The club do own a large car park next to the ground, but it remains to be seen what the local council have to say about the filming.
The club could request it as they will have more influence than little me.

Can/will the club hold off until after you have your Pfco?

That will give you a lot clearer understanding of the rules (including how the ones about distances differ when you have it) and what you will and won’t be able to do on the site, which means you’ll be able to work with the club to adjust their expectations.

The 360 of the stadium might not be possible, but if the car park you mention is big enough and you can get it (and maybe the building) under your control, maybe you can do something from there that they’d still appreciate.


If the club own the large car park and give permission for you to take off from it, there’s nothing at all the council can say or do about filming and flying because they don’t own the sky, the CAA make the rules for the sky, nobody else has jurisdiction over it, despite a lot of quangos thinking they have (English Heritage to name one).


My plan is to do it after I have the PfCO.
Last year I attended the official team photo. That might be a good day to do it. Luckily it isn’t until a few weeks into the season.

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