150m separation rule question

I always though being 150m away from buildings was a horizontal thing but my friend suggested it’s more of a bubble,so if your 120m high you only need to be 30m away

Is this correct?

50m from people or structures is a bubble.

150m from built up areas is not.


These visual slides explain it quite well:


Thanks guys

If my school maths memory is still intact, 120m high and 30m horizontally is only 124m away (approx) from the object so you’re too close.

It also appears to be 150m from the closest point of the object to the drone, not an easy calculation on the fly.

Another visual that explains it.

Built-up and busy areas

Never fly closer to built-up and busy areas than 150m.

Never fly above these areas at any height.

Examples of built-up and busy areas:

  • cities and towns
  • villages
  • beaches and recreational parks that are part of a city, town or village
  • housing estates
  • schools and offices
  • retail, warehouse, industrial and business parks
  • theme parks

Isn’t that the exact same slide that I linked to? :rofl:


Ooops, so you did lol