1929 Austin Heavy 12/4 Burnham Saloon + Austin 7

Both quickly taken shots whilst driving through the countryside on our way home.

The 1929 Austin Heavy has a 4 cylinder engine with the fuel tank holding 10 gallons when full giving 18-20 mpg.


It’s more efficient than my truck :blush:

I do love old motors though.

Is the Heavy for sale?

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I used to be a fan of cars from the past but as I have aged my thirst has drained somewhat. I have owned
a Ford Popular upright (1st Car) followed by an Austin Westminster, Austin Sprite etc. I now drive the wife’s car as my ageing BMW 7 series - 21 years old sits in the garage quite contented awaiting a trip out for holidays,

A number of folks were out and about at the time we photographed the cars and the pictures were taken in haste. The only notes I saw on the Austin Heavy was the attached. They were positioned to be the centre of attraction and would have thought a note for sale to be shown - alas not.

Kindest regards