1st Colour grading attempt

This is my first attempt at any colour grading, please feel free to let me know what you think, and feel free to give any tips too!!



Looks good Tim,

Do you use pre set Luts or manual editing in software?

I’ve found a combination of both can get the look you desire, for me I prefer colours vibrant and true, where as I’ve seen softer approaches or colour changes all together

The jump between stills and video could be better, matching the ratio might work better

This was manual editing, I tried adding a predefined LUT after the edit but didn’t like what it did. It could be because of the colours in the shot though

This is an unedited pic from the shoot, so I’ve tried to keep it real, but sooner of it feels washed down, but maybe that’s just the early morning light

Do you mean effectively having an other still between the 2nd and 3rd video?

No making all the stills 16:9 so they fit the format

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Oh ok, yeah that would be better. Thanks

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I’m still fairly new to this, but I bring the washed out colours up, play with mids, lowlights and highlights where you can.

Saturation and Vibrance will help too

I normally add a lut as well after I’m happy and then blend the lut at 20% or so until I get to the effect that I like.

Nice shot though

Yeah, I need to practice more and understand how to get the most out of image but without causing editing flaws, I think this may have been a harder image to start practicing with as it’s very red and yellow heavy?
I’ll get out at some stage and see if I can get a more colour balanced subject to practice more with, and then revisit the sunrise and see what I can do after further practice.

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Any other comments and suggestions welcome.

This is interesting - is there a tutorial anywhere to get novices started with this?

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All over YouTube, just search for whichever editing software you use and colour grading and you’ll find loads

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Just as @its.steves.shots said. Search YouTube, some then advertise for you to buy their full course, but I’m just going you practice and use the millions that are in you tube,v I’m not going to make thousands of £’s from doing it, so free is good enough!!

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