1st Flight DJI Mini 2 - Beverley Westwood

Hi all my 1st Flight video on my DJI Mini 2.

Please watch, subscribe and comment


It may be my eyesight/device I watching the video on but it seems rather out of focus?
Good video otherwise. :+1:

Yeah it might I need to get better at understanding the focus on a drone.

Was a lot easier with a camera :grinning:

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Should be all auto (fixed) on your Mini 2 (from about 1m to infinity)

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I believe the Mini 2 has fixed focus…maybe a dirty ND filter (if fitted) or faulty camera, fingers crossed it’s nothing serious. :crossed_fingers:

For your flight and edit this is pretty dam good well done @DJI_Soarin


Love the building at the start

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It’s called Black Mill. :slight_smile: