1st steps into FPV - Wk 1

Finally starting to get through some of the footage from a couple of months ago, so much there that I am going to try and get a week by week progression video uploaded, but who has time for that? Its taken 3 months to get this one out :joy:


Nice Steve, Nice :clap:
We’ll have to meet here sometime with, @notveryprettyboy @DeanoG60

Nice footage Stephan. Looks like a cool place to

For your first steps into FPV you have every right to feel proud of your results. :clap:

Cheers Guys, its older footage now, but with my schedule i think i will always be behind with the editing and posting, however, the weather trend and failing light might help me, as i’ll not be able to get out and fly anyway, so can concentrate on a bit of Sim and Editing instead.

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