2.4 or 5.8 which is best to use


My second question. New here so need all the advise I can get.
What is the best frequency to use. I was flying in my usual area the other day and a few times thw display told me I had lost connection, I move the transmitter slightly and it came back. I have just found out how to change to 2.4 MHz as I was on 5.8 MHz so haven’t flown on the 2.4 MHz yet, would it have given me better range.?


2.4 but with the FCC mode enabled. I’ve never had an issue


Would rather not enable American mode if I don’t have too


I use 2.4 and haven’t had an issue despite it being a more crowded band width.


What’s the general view of enabling FCC mode ?


It literally doubles the signal strength. For me it’s a no brainer. There are no disadvantages that I’ve encountered.


I am using iOS and after some research it doesn’t look that easy to convert to FCC.


If you are flying within the UK the maximum distance your UAV should be from you is 500m

2.4 GHz is more than enough power. Yes it is true this band can get very busy, however the digital coding of your signal between your controller and UAV will cope easily


GI think that is he answer I was after. I don’t fancy flying out of sight . Thanks for the advise.