2 Quick PfCO Questions

Hi All. A couple of questions please:

  1. Do I need an Operations Manual for each type of drone I fly, or can I include several types in one document? If I decide to add a drone after I qualify, do I need to add this to the Ops Manual and re-submit it, or just amend it on the fly?

  2. Trading name. I just want to qualify in my own name. Do I need a commercial trading vehicle e.g. Limited Company or trading name, or can I just qualify in my own name and create a company as and when I want to after qualification?

Thanks All.

I think you have to write your Ops Manual relating to the drone that you will be using in your Flight Assessment.
And you should be able to put your own Name down as a Trading Name.

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One ops manual but list all drones and the specifications and limitations. See CAA CAP722A. This will be in volume 2 of your osc


Check the CAA’s List of Current PfCO Holders. Plenty of people are registered in only their own name.


Thanks Tony, was not sure about listing all his drones.

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Thanks for clearing that up for me chaps.

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