2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Can I have a dronie badge for my dronie please


Dronie badge granted


Fank u :grinning:


So I might be pushing it here, but with no sight of snow we southerners need to help!

This is a picture of a Ashford Turkey farm in Steep, Hampshire. Now the rules say before they have met their fate, and it is before Christmas 2019! :wink: And it does’t actually say that there have to be turkeys on view, just a photo of a turkey farm!!!

And just to show it is a Turkey farm

What do you reckon judges!!!


I reckon that’s a dog. :rofl:

Oh - the sign!! #IGetYou! :wink:




Leaderboard updated!

@BrianB moves into a 3 point lead. :+1:


Great job Brian! :smiley:


Thanks guys


Had a really cold couple of days in our area so this morning I managed to get some pictures of Emsworth Mill Pond frozen and with a couple of floating iced piers / pontoons. Unfortunately no boats!


Leaderboard updated!

@BrianB moves into a 5 point lead. :open_mouth: :fearful: :+1:

Can anyone catch/beat him!?? :wink:


Doing all I can until those further north get out in the snow :snowflake: then watch the leaderboard change.

Thought we may have already seen some snow pics but guess it’s not settling?


I’m not giving up hope …. totally.


Had a few reports this of snow where im based but had nothing. Not a (snow) drop. :frowning:


This is the best real-time source of snow activity.
Showing none anywhere in the UK.


Im sure its just me and I’ve probably not clicked on something, but it appears to be a picture of a dark grey map on a black background?!

lol what am I missing here ? :sweat_smile:


As I said - here

When there is - it shows it. :wink:


whoooops! :see_no_evil::grin:

Of course I knew that, I was simply pointing it out for the benefit of others who might happen to question the same thing…:wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you look now - there are a couple of snow reports showing up … but not near either of us.


We are due for (up to) 5 cm tomorrow night, according to the local radio station.
A snowy flight before the week is out, could be on.
It was sleeting when i took the wife to work earlier.