20mph winds at 100 feet!

When I encountered this level of wind I reduced my height and ended the flight as I felt uneasy, although the Air 2 S performed very well. I wonder how other Air 2S owners feel about winds at this speed, was I being over cautious?

I was taking 360 photos in 35mph gusts… not one warning.

Air2s is fantastic in moderate conditions. 20mph is not even classed as windy in my mind, not even for the Mini 2.

But you were better being cautious.

Look at @ianinlondon you tube videos.

Ive had my Air 2 up in 40+ mph winds had plenty of strong wind warnings but it cut through it like butter.

Just make sure you fly out into the wind so that the wind is behind the drone on the return home flight and don’t push the battery and you’ll be fine :ok_hand:t2:


I use to be concerned about my mini 2 (level 5 wind resistance 19 - 24mph) in strong winds :scream: but after watching @ianinlondon 's YouTube wind test review I decided to be more determined to carry on flying in winds >25 mph; I’d just make sure my drone was upwind so return home was not fighting against the gusts. I also monitor the compass attitude indicators and if they are all over the place and/or the drone is drifting I lower it enough to clear obsticles and fly it home (I dont use auto return home). :face_in_clouds:


Generally good practice tbh. Good to see it as a failsafe, not a normal operating procedure IMO.

A mini 2 owner here, happy to fly at 100 feet in 20mph winds. Surely the Air 2 is even more capable?

Or on a bloody freezing days when pressing the RTH in itself is already proving an issue with frozen fingers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d still call that failsafe under the human factor. :rofl: