23rd april DJI Launch?

So DJI are launching a new product Mmm :eyes:

What could it be

MP3 :joy:
Spark two :thinking:

Or something completly different

Answers on a postcard :pleading_face:

Too soon for M3P/Z/etc

P4 has been around for a while … that might be due a face-lift.

Their cinematic gimbal sector is massive … and I’d predict something in that arena … it’s been a while since anything of substance was added to that range.

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Was joking about MP3 @OzoneVibe :smiley: my shit sense of humour
Be interesting to see what they have come up with. Phantom 5 :thinking:

Should i see my bank manager(wife) lol

mmmmm,better customer service? :man_shrugging:


They aren’t the worst … the last few days have proven that to me.

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Do tell…:dizzy_face:

Keep an eye on the Argos catalogue :grin:



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Yes. Really! Pulling my hair out dealing with some companies’ so called “customer service”.