25km BVLOS flight from Network Rail

Network Rail flew a drone BVLOS for 25km two days ago.

Did anyone see a NOTAM?


“Believed to be the furthest such civilian drone flight in Britain”???

Erm, I can neither confirm nor deny that such a flight took place before this that may, or may not, have been further, or closer, in a past that may, or may not, have happened.



I didn’t see a NOTAM, but about three(-ish) months ago I did see that these flights were planned and approved(-ish).

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Until now, drones were only ever flown above the railway when they were in clear sight of the operator, and usually only for four or five kilometres at a time.

Bloody good eyes they have


That’s really good news. :slight_smile:

Now, when there is an unexpected closure of part of the line we can all take the replacement autonomous-air-taxi service!