2nd Hand Drone Pricing Advice for a Novice

Just seen on offer the following package;

DJI Mavic Air
Extra battery
Landing support kit
iPhone 7 for a screen
Hard Carry Case
Charger + all leads

Asking price of £275 inc delivery

It’s 3rd hand and seemingly in very good nick (from the pictures including it flying), with little fly time from either owner, but is it a good price?

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Seems ok , big problem is getting batteries for them (from a reputable source) DJI have a habit of ‘ditching’ the older models support very quickly :frowning:

*check out eBay sold prices for a good guide

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I thought as much and whilst currently my heart is set on an Air 2S, I’m trying to be pragmatic and sensible…lol. :rofl:

Not something I usually am, as I’m a tech junkie :smiley:

Take a look at Very, if you’re a new customer you can get 10% (sometimes 20) off your first order and 3 months interest free, I’ve used them lots, most recently my DJIFPV (they like to send 20% off vouchers out if you don’t use your account for a few months, even when you pay off in full on time)


Can definitely get 10% off at Very.

Just wondering if Drones come under the 20% off offer.

(10% off electrical, toys & gaming and 20% off all other departments)

Might be a good option.

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add it to basket and see :wink:

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The only issue when you do, is it goes through the actually credit check process, which can affect your credit score if you’re not careful. They do a pre-check which doesn’t affect it to determine if you “could” get credit.

I’ll chat to the other half first :smiley:

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Just buy it with the 20% off which is £719.20 for the standard one battery version. Then pay it off.

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They must have changed it, I thought you added the voucher to the basket and the check wasn’t done until you hit buy?

The price seems fine.

One advantage the original Air has over the Air 2 and the Air 2S - and most other Mavics apart from the Mini series - weight!

If weighs 430 grams - in the 250 to 500 gram bracket. This means that with the appropriate qualification you can fly a lot closer to people and objects than with heavier aircraft - all the Mavics.

Membership of FPVUK - recommended for the included 5 million public liability insurance - gives you Article 16 Authorisation after a simple test. and costs 20 quid total. It allows flying to within 30 metres in urban and rural settings

Completion of an A2 certificate of competence, costs between 59 and 159 quid depending on which school you sign to and how you wish to learn - confers even further privileges - close up to people in all environments. And you get to learn a lot about drone flying!

OK, I’ve simplified. the scenarios but the gist is that the Air has some considerable benefits over many of its brothers until the new C marked drones become available - and don’t wait up for that,

TL:DR - Go for it, it’s a good package


Great info and advice. Going to do my A2 CoC as soon as I can plus the FPVUK insurance seems like a no-brainer.

Just checked regarding people considering the Very account for a purchase and drones come under the 10% off category.

Just an update on the deal after talking to the lady of the manor.

Air 2S inbound!

Excitedly shitting bricks and need to get my ID’s sorted and then further training.

Looking for spots local so that I can practice and practice although the weather isn’t looking too hot this week. Seen a nice public right of way path that cuts through and round a massive field about 2-300 metres away from the rear of our house. Might be a good spot to begin with.

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Loads of fields around you, failing that head to the beach

Yeah I think the public right of way will be ideal as it’s hardly ever used and a massive field. 2 min walk and ideal from the photo which you can clearly see the right of way path :+1:t2:


Don’t overthink it, field looks ideal.

If you get stuck give me a shout I’m not far away from you, weather forecast isn’t on your side :frowning:


It never is when you get a new drone :unamused: lol


Great choice of drone :ok_hand:t2: I have the Air2 and love it. The Air2S has some fantastic improvements including the new 1" sensor. You won’t regret it. Happy flying! :blush:


I’m trying not too. Just cautious about busy bodies and local anti-drone mafia masquerading as pensioners in the village. :joy:

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:joy::joy: wait till you go over water for the first time :flushed: definitely fear therapy :woozy_face: you’ll get some awesome ~shits~ sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth: shots :wink::+1:t2:

Most of all enjoy! :grinning:


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With the North Sea very close, I’m dreading that experience.

Might put arm/legs bands on it. Although I have see the frame/floatation device you can get for drones :smiley:

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