360 from Sunrise yesterday morning of Emsworth


Two 360s from yesterday morning taken from Emsworth Harbour - would have likes a few more clouds but still a stunning but cold sunrise.


This second is from a different position to give a better view of Emsworth Marina


Did you use an filters Brian?


Or do a @Longstride and lightroom the shit out of it :grin:


No filters - it was a very bright winter sunrise - just imported into Lightroom and then a few tweaks to bring up the exposure as I tend too under expose in camera and bring up the detail afterwards and this also helps the colours - but its not far from the original.


I haven’t used kuula but there is a distict line either before or after the sun is it kuula or you and Lightroom causing that?
I know it stitches photos together but on the photos I have seen it seems to cause a line somewhere in the set
Or am I just to picky
I have used hangar once and the stitching was perfect


I agree that Hanger is better at the stitching as Kuula just puts up what you upload. The images are the ones stitched my the DJI software. But with Hanger you are handing over your photos. I have to say these are just a bit of fun for me so I’m not too worried.

I do keep my raw images and am planning to have a go at putting together in photoshop where you can sort some of these issues out far better. Others on here will tell you about PT GUI but that’s Microsoft and I’m MAC OS.


For Kuula you stitch the photos using some other software, if you then use Lightroom it alters the exposure etc where the join will be so once it’s uploaded to Kuula it will show that up where it joins.


The downside of being different I’m Mac OS too


I can see this being Glenn’s Trade Mark at every meet !!


PTGUI works on Macs too, according to their website…https://www.ptgui.com/

I use it all the time, but I’m Windows :wink: