360 fun

Finally got the chance to have a proper play with my newest gadget. It’s great fun, even though the editing can be long winded…


Are you using the iPad app, which is excellent and very intuitive?

I’m unable to drag round your video, have you not clicked that option?

You’re not meant to drag this one, I reframed it. I use the android app to do viewfinder then chuck it in to resolve to cut it up, do the music etc

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I’ve given it a thumbs up, I am not the one ;o)

No way?

Is that the entire point of a 360 camera? So the viewer can pan around at view what they want to view? :thinking: :man_shrugging:t2:

You could have just filmed this with a normal camera? :running_man:t2:

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2 options, you can do the 360 videos that people can drag but it’s also a point shoot and then frame later, to allow different perspectives and some nice edits

Great video Lee

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It’s one use. For me, the best ones I’ve seen are creative reframed videos. There’s no way I could have done this with a normal camera. It’s like having a camera crew in your pocket

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As an example

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This is what they best for


Yes they are great fun cameras with nice software options. One of our members on the forum was kind to send me 360 clips to try editing before I purchased my 360. I use it for football which get some interesting shots and angles and yes the editing can take time. See examples Bob Willis - Out and about with my new camera toy but...


I had a team meeting today…


Glad you stuck to the rule of six

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Which 360 camera have you got?

I have to agree that this video would not be possible without a 360 camera.

The video above from Lewis Hamilton is a pretty basic 360 video which probably had almost no post production - but both are valid uses of a 360 camera.