3D mapping with Mavic Air and Pix4d


Hi all,

I recently started doing some paid pfco work with a big estate up in Scotland. They wanted some hard to reach places mapped to help with construction quotes and planning application etc.

Using Mavic Air, pix4d (free trial) and exporting to .obj file format for viewing on a phone app I produced this.

You can even go on to 3d print the models!!! Insane!

Cheers Longstride

Couple of pics

Impressive! :+1:


Bloody hell… That looks easy…

Was it though? :thinking:

What altitude did you have to fly at?

What overlap size did you use? (I take it this was built using photos?)


Lots of trial and error but actually not hard.

  1. download pix4d app
  2. in app set your automatic flight path around an object on map, select distance hight etc
  3. press “go” drone takes off automatically, flies the route and takes the photos in a circle AND LANDS!!! on its own .
  4. sign up for 14 day pix 4d trial, upload photos!

For extra geek points…

  1. down load emb3d app for phone
  2. export .obj file from pix 4d and open

Quite easy really!



Well, I bit the bullet and ordered a FlashForge 3D printer on amazon! Got me model all rendered (or “sliced” as the 3D chaps say!) and ready to go! Lets see how this turns out!

Do you want 3D Printed Accessory's?

I’ll be really interested to see what the printer generates.


I hope to let you know Wednesday this week!


Bloody hell Glenn, you didn’t hang about mate :rofl:

But yes, me too! Looking forward to seeing what gets printed!


@PingSpike it was when you told me that 3D printing post was dead mate!!! :slight_smile: I can see some commercial possibilities plus I want to 3D print all my mates (and me!)