3D Printed prop guards for 2.5" toothpick

Should really have probably got around to making some of these… before bashing the frame a few times :man_facepalming:

3D printed in solid PLA. Wasn’t sure if they would be deep / wide enough but they seem to be really effective. Even a slight brush against a wall or similar was enough to take it down without these so the difference is huge tbh. I haven’t clattered into anything full speed yet but these feel strong enough to take a significant impact, and will definitely protect the motors too. Total is 7g for all 4, v. happy with that and zero noticeable effect on flight characteristics.

Really nice simple design - will fit any 11xx size motors. Major kudos to Peter Provost on Thingiverse. :+1:


What quad is that? And is it 1, 2 or 3s? Looks really lightweight. Hows it cope with the wind?

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What quad is that? Diatone Cube HD Pro

And is it 1, 2 or 3s? 2 or 3 I am flying 500mah 2s and getting 5ish minutes when not being a hooligan

Looks really lightweight. Hows it cope with the wind? It’s 88g. It doesn’t :laughing:

(That’s actually slightly unfair. I am actually v. impressed with how it handles being outside. I’ve flown it in 15mph winds and it’s of course noticeable that you’re not flying a 5" / 600g lump but it does handle really well overall)