3D Printing for Others

Looking to help you guys that don’t have a 3d printer.

Id like to help you make stuff for your drone by 3d printing accessory’s

Best regards


What can you make?

What would you like?

Can print of most things from https://www.thingiverse.com
or if you would like something custom i can see what we can do.

id like to help anyone that cant print as there is some great things you can print for your drone.

This is the last thing i printed

the original was for the standard lens
the the other larger one was my custom edit to fit the polar pro filters.

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Very kind if you, Andy!

I had a Getterback mount printed for my Mavic, the STL files are here if anyone else wants them: So I had a twin Getterback bracket 3D printed

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is it worth having a 3d section where we can upload Stl’s

maybe have some GreyArrows custom Accessories made up?

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Very kind of you fella.:+1:

@DroneUnit well hi I have just bought the bt300 mo from glasses would you be able to print a mounting bracket for the control unit to suit a Mavi Pro.if so how much would you consider for you services… there are several I you d on thingiverse.:grin:

id be happy to print any of them and you pay what you feel is fair?

Print some holders for those little strobe lights!!!

Then could we organise a group buy for them and the strobes themselves?

Hi @cornz, welcome to GADC.

The club already has a discount on the strobes.
Flytron - Exclusive GADC discount code

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As soon as I get my new mavic 2s il make a holder for them

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Sadly, I don’t seem able to access that post.

“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

Try now, @cornz.

Thank you…

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I realise this isn’t drone related, but is a 3D printer question.

I recently created a 1/18 scale Diorama of Roger Clark on the RAC Rally.

Getting hold of the 18th scale driver figures is very difficult and I wondered whether it is possible to duplicate and increase the size if I obtained a smaller (1/24) figure.


It might be possible using a 3D scanner and the right software. I must admit that I’ve been close to buying one just to learn how it all works.

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That is an absolutely stunning model Dave :clap:

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