3D Printing Upgrade


In my quest to drone map and 3D print a 7000 acre Scottish estate into a bronze cold cast resin table top model, I’ve upped my printing game!

Check this behemoth!!!

40cm x 40 x45 print area!!!


Which make/model is that?


That sir, is an AnyCubic Chiron! £420 on Amazon! Easy to build, a buggar to get leveling right but rather decent now its tuned in!

If you’re interested Dave my original (low milage, one careful lady owner) 3D printer is sitting on my desk looking sad and in need of a good home for a reasonable price!


I think my impecunious version of “reasonable” might fall short of yours. :wink:

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Try me :slight_smile:


Let’s see if my car gets through the MOT at the 2nd attempt next Monday. There may still be some higher priority needs for my dwindling pennies.


I can also sell you a Landrover which doesnt even NEED an MOT or TAX its so old! Think of the savings!


Ha! You won’t be selling one of those within my budget!

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Nice looking machine :+1: Does it have auto bed levelling?

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Supposedly!!! But it’s crap! Best to dial it in manually!

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Bit of a ballache for something that big. Print quality looks pretty good though. I’m looking at a BL Touch next :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t too bad! But it’s certainly not as fool proof as my flash forge finder.

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