3rd party app for DJI FPV

Hi all, so I have a “Google Cardboard” being delivered tomorrow and am trying to decide between the three apps I have seen mentioned the most and hoped to get some advice before I splash the cash…

  1. Litchi
  2. DroneVR+
  3. CAVU

From what I can tell, Litchi brings way more to the table (and is twice the price), CAVU does picture-in-picture Drone/Phone camera and allows you to move all of the overlay elements to wherever you want on the screens. DroneVR+ applies proper lens distortion and has a HUD attitude display overlay.

Price-wise Litchi is £21.99, CAVU is £10.99 and the Mavic Air module for DroneVR+ is £8.99.

Opinions please, or tales of your own experiences with these apps?

I use LITCHI, started with it for the per-planned waypoint mission capability, which I use a lot.
It’s therefore my default flying app. I only use the DJI GO4 when I need to access some settings that you can’t in LITCHI
I have no experience on the other two so can’t comment, sorry, but I am pleased with LITCHI
Steve :grinning:

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If you can hold fire Litchi is quite often on offer for around £15, Black Friday is just around the corner.

I use it as my main flying app.


Litchi is the daddy!!

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