3rd Party software ability Update for Crystalsky monitors (9.11.17)

Just a heads-up for those of us who use the DJI Crystalsky monitors. They released an update to the firmware yesterday which, among other improvements, allows 20 third party software additions. I’m about to do the update on my little 5.5" and hopefully will see which 3rd party elements are in the list of 20 (I hope Litchi is one of them). The update file size is massive - 826Mb! It includes updating DJI Go4 to 4.1.14 and DJI Go to 3.1.18. Here’s the release note re the firmware update: -

CrystalSky_Release_Notes_EN_1109.pdf (124.1 KB)

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I’ve just updated mine and after a quick look around couldn’t see anything obvious about 3rd party apps.

Anyone else updated and found anything?

HI @Flyingpigvrs after I’d updated the firmware I came to the same conclusion as you re third party apps. It isn’t as open or as simple as it first appears - the ion third party apps you can download are free ones (so, for the moment, that rules out Litchi :sob:

I found this video on youtube who goes through the release notes in some detail and his future video about using ape’s to install apps. It may help -

BTW, I can’t remember if Quickshots were included before but they are now. :+1::wave::+1:

@BCF thanks for that, I didn’t have enough time to have a proper look into things before having to leave for work so I’ll have a proper look in the morning.

DJI don’t make it easy to upload 3rd party apps :imp:.

I have uploaded Airdata, which was straightforward - thanks to a YouTube video I found.

For any other app it appears that you have to download APK Extractor onto an Android phone, open it and look for the APK for the software you want. Then you transfer that APK file from your phone to a PC (Android Transfer?), transfer that file onto a SD card, place the card in the CS, run it via explorer, keep your fingers crossed and hope it works. What a bloody fuss with no guarantee at the end that it will work :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph::exploding_head:!

At least with Airdata the link I followed took me straight to the download page where it specifically said it was the APK file for the CS - none of the above rubbish!

I somehow missed this post!

Thanks for uploading the release notes @BCF as I’m bit of a geek when it comes to release notes and I love to know what’s going on under the hood :nerd_face:

Nope, they definitely weren’t! Great news, looking forward to trying a few of these out :slight_smile:

What does the Airdata app do? Does it do anything the web site doesn’t?

It’d be great if Litchi could run on the CS in the future…

Looks like I’ll be on a serious firmware updating mission tonight :smiley:

By the way, what’s the difference between the GO and GO4 apps on the CS?!

I only ever use GO4?

GO is the dedicated DJI app for devices before the arrival of the Inspire 2, P4, Mavic, Spark, etc (eg. P3, P2, Inspire 1).

GO4 is the dedicated app for the newer devices and can’t run on the older devices above.

Hope this helps.

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I’ve had an Airdata account for some time now - bought when I was doing my PfCO course. The app links to your DJI GO/GO4 app and sends lots of data re each and every flight you make to the Airdata web site enabling the pilot to review the flights in detail. The data can be sent automatically or (heaven forbid) manually by removing the MicroSD card from the craft and inserting it into your PC and uploading the fights - auto is the way to go!

The data you can review depends on what account you have - paid subscriptions show almost everything fromRC stick movements, weather and wind conditions, to detailed maps of the flight. IMHO well worth it.

I used to use HDSync to get my flights in to Airdata but I thought they did away with that recently, as they can now pull the data directly from DJI?