3rd time in full acro!

3rd time in full acro with the DJI FPV. I have met up with some great like minded people.(NIPFV) This is my 3rd time after a big crash but i attempted to fix and solder a new arm from aliexpress for £11!! this is the maiden flight after my fantastic soldering skills (not! more on this coming soon) anyway hope you enjoy.


Well done mate, I’m about 10 flights into acro and it isn’t easy on any level. Just about getting to a point where I’m close to the ground and going past objects. Funny thing being that the actual flips, rolls etc are easy to do- its the more controlled slow flying close to ground. I changed my specs having watched a video and it def made it easier than the default dji ones.

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Yeah man totaly agree, flips and rolls are super easy and surprisingly the DJI feels so stable doing it. I changed the Controller expo settings aswell but didnt like them. I think that it is going to trail and error and personal preference for that. Trying to low flying in acro but just can get the thing straight quick enough outta a turn :joy: But hey, its fun learning