40mm Gemfan Props

I’m thinking of trying the triblade Gemfan 40mm (1mm shaft) props on my Mob7/HD - It doesnt look like they come with screws in the pack on Amazon…


Does anyone know where I can get the screws? Or a pack of the fans that include the screws?

(I need to bolt them down - I’ve managed to snap a shaft off an 1103 10KV Motor and bolting these props on saves me having to replace the motor :+1:

I’ve got some of these on my MobuLeader :slight_smile: ,
(Think F4 all-in-one and a TinyLeader and you’re there :wink: ) - it’s hands-down the best flying Quad in my little fleet :smiley:


Do you know what size screws you need? But I would guess eBay for screws

Got some 8mm M2 hex - works great :+1: