4k cinematic flight and edit with the Mini 2

Greeting pilots and heroes!!

Went out for a walk last Sunday and was very lucky to catch a favourite photo target of mine as she travelled under power for a little run. Hand built by the owner in 1992 and the target of countless photos by me, I present a short 4k cinematic flight of the “Sweet Surrender”.
Quick flight facts:

  1. DJI mini 2 is amazing. Get one now.
  2. From seeing the Yacht moving to giving chase with the drone was a deployment time of no more than a minute!!
  3. See point 1.

Anyway…get on over to my channel and feast your eyes and ears!! Don’t forget to Subscribe!!


Great footage, looks lovely and sharp :+1:

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It’ll get better…its in 1080 at the moment whilst it finishes processing…4k UHD will be availbale shortly!!

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Very nice

Nice video, what is cinematic about it ?

I always think of it as click bait

*only asking :wink:


that was cool! Good job!

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It’s a genre of this sort of film - the epic tune, slow sweeping moves and the high definition style filming and resolution (4k or other UHD formats) that are normally reserved for cinema level films and budgets. If the effort has gone in to make it a moving or epic or intersting high quality film with those characteristics then I’d say it’s cinematic. I’m still learning the style but its all a work in progress. If it hasnt got any of those elements then it’s clickbait. :wink: :wink:

Thank you!!