4th time in acro :)

welllllll getting cocky… But i didnt buy this quad to fly it like a mavic. £30 to fix it with parts from aliexpress and £40 soldering iron… Hopefully…


Fly for flying’s sake :wink: Bloody good video that!

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until the end :rofl: maybe need time on a sim before allowed into acro :joy:

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Letting her fly free, that’s what she was made to do. Kudos man! FPV acro is the Rock ‘n’ Roll of the drone world :metal:t2:

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nazgulxl5 ordered cos this is gonna be cheaper to fix :joy:


I can vouch for that statement :ok_hand:t2:

Mine started life as an analogue beast, but I’ve just converted it to HD :+1:t2: its seen it’s fair share of crashes and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve stripped it down and re built it lol

Big fat arse on her now with the full size Air Unit hanging out the back :rofl:


yeah man, Analogue 5xl bought on ebay, actually arrived yesterday. Polar Vista bought from drone authority today so will be compatiable with the googles and i have the dji black controller i bought used on a whim :rofl: also have a full nazgulxl5hd led on order from iFlight. But i do love this DJI. She already repaired on same arm actually from aliexpress for £11! but it deffo takes time and patients to repair. but still beats hundreds in either DJI refresh and excess to get repaired. Just so you all know, it can be repaired quite easily. I aint no master pilot or welder :joy:


Solid drone.
Stripped mine down and it loads

Great stuff!

Where are you flying?

Start of the video is Slemish Mountain, crash area is a permission/members only area. But I usually fly at the waste ground behind Mossley train station in Newtownabbey.
All Northern Ireland.

A wonderful place to fly. I’m very envious!

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