5 iOS apps I recommend with your DJI Drone


Very useful video, thanks. I thought I already had all the drone apps possible but seems like there’s still a few I’ve missed! I grabbed Drone Start and that looks to have great potential. Autopilot at thirty quid I think I’ll leave to Santa’s discretion this Christmas. :slight_smile:

Other apps I have found useful include:
Drone Assist from NATS
UAV Forecast
WindCompass and Windy for, er, wind.
THETA+ for stitching panos
Dronestagram for inspiration
(these are all iOS apps)

I’m a bit of an app whore, I have used everything:)
If you do anything where you ascend or descend ( I do a lot of cycling in the hills ) then autopilot is worth every penny, I originally purchased Litchi that was over £20 and it can not do half the things autopilot can.

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I’ve got both Litchi and Autopilot and, to be honest, I found the learning curves for both heavily weighted against Autopilot - it’s very steep and long compared to Litchi. That’s probably why I use Litchi far, far more than Autopilot.

Spend a couple of days watching the tutorials on line, I loved Litchi but now I understand Autopilot litchi is not even installed on my device.