6th Flight and 1st Vid!

…and edit. Would appear I need to practice all of of the above…and this colour grading malarky as its not easy!

Forgive initial rudder jitter.


I struggled a bit with colour grading as well. Still haven’t nailed it.
Are you using luts?

Yes managed to find a few free ones which make a massive difference. Guess it’s a practice thing though.

@PingSpike gave me an idea about filming in 2k as my Mac isn’t coping with 4K. Since then I’ve found the “transcode media” function which lets me edit the 4K but the downside is that it doesn’t give quite as much detail during the edit so it’s harder to gauge what looks right. I’ll get there though!

Are they mavic air specific ones or mavic pro? I’ve got few for pro if you want to give them a try.

Just cinematic LUTs that I have found. Be interested to see any flight oriented LUTs though.

Since my last post I’ve found that flying over forests as an example absolutely chews up the processor power when trying to edit in FCPX and the memory of the Mac even if it is transcoded, so I think a hardware upgrade may well be in order… in the meantime back to 2k I guess :roll_eyes:.

The 2k trick worked then? Excellent :+1:

Agreed, perhaps not ideal, but at least you can edit stuff now :smiley:

@Blainey I am a iMac user and have FCPX as on another thread I was a little sarcastic sorry about that
How old is your Mac? I got mine back in 2011 still does stuff but wondering wether to upgrade to speed things up after buying the Mavic pro and am going to take the CAA test I will only have enough left in the hidden man toy fund to get the 5k 27 inch basic setup then I’m broke
The idea getting the CAA test is to make the outlay back I work in the building industry and can do roof surveys which at the moment are costing £1000 + and also commercial photography work having my own business it helps ok there’s my life ambitions out in the open…

No worries Jeff.

Mines a 2011 too. There’s a transcode media function that drops about every 5th frame when your editing without touching the actual footage - it allows the Mac to keep up a bit. Tbh @PingSpike’s idea is the better one though as mine will edit some 4K but anything like a forest for example with a lot of detail and it won’t even play it.

Be interested to hear about the CAA bit. Will you do a blog on here as you go through it?

Will do and if its straight forward maybe a few tips on how to save money
i like saving money