7.85" Crystalsky Bright (not Ultra)Monitor, boxed, as new, extras

This was bought for my birthday at the end of January 2018 so still under warranty. It was as a complement to my 7" Crystalsky monitor. Sadly I’ve only used it twice as I prefer the 7" version.

It is boxed, mint condition and comes with the two original DJI batteries, all paperwork, a genuine DJI sunshade (one of the legs is a bit wonky but the screen works perfectly), and a 3rd party soft case designed for the 7.85" version. I’m also selling a mint condition Mavmount, bracket (in red), for the Crystalsky monitor, and includes a genuine Mavmount lanyard = see my other post.

I’m asking £500 all in, cash on collection (Bolton, Lancs), or via bank transfer with free RMSD postage. If not sold here fairly quickly it will be put on EBay. If you’re seriously interested e-mail me at bcf at gmail dot com.

Is this still available?

Sorry sold 4 days ago