£70 fpv drone with controller and goggles?

I love my phantom and wanted to try fpv to see how I like it. Saw this on Amazon that comes with controller, goggles and drone for £70.

Anyone with any experience of these or opinions?

Reviews seem decent.

Thanks guys!

Got a link @HonestDickie mate?

Sorry silly me

Should be ok. The drone is pretty limited, but the goggles should give you a feel for it as they are generic. May not be the best quality. And Amazon will let you send it back if your’e not happy.

Where are you based? I may be passing you at some point as I travel here and there and I can bring my little fpv drone.

I know it’s more money but nobody’s gunna be flying brushed motors soon so youd be wasting your money on the Amazon one.
The tinyhawk is awesome and they do a ready to fly kit.

I’m in St Helens.