8" Android Lollipop tablet for DJI GO

I’m looking to get an 8" tablet for flying my Mavic Pro, is android lollipop 5.0 good enough for the DJI GO app?

I think the droid version runs on 4.4 and higher?

Thanks for your reply, I thought it would be OK.
Now I seem to have another issue of connecting the two together, ideally it would be good to have an angled male micro usb connector at each end. Can’t find one though.
is there any difference connecting the remote control using the usb A at the bottom and the micro usb on the left side?
Thanks in advance.

Re Android version ….


Using the USB A is no different. Just remember to disconnect the cable in the RC’s side connector, since otherwise It usually fails to connect properly via the A.

I’ve always used the USB-A port on the bottom, never had a single disconnect with it :+1:

I’m sure it’s more stable than the mini port on the side :blush:

I’ve always (other than 1 test) used the one on the side. The only disconnect I had was a crap socket on the device - which would have been the same if using the A socket. New device (well over 1 year ago) and never a problem.
One less thing to lose/forget … it’s always where I need it. :+1: