A Big Crane for a Big Bridge

I’ve been working on my video techniques.

Hope you like.



Hi @LarryDeath and welcome to Grey Arrows, great to have you on board :+1:

Amazing video!

Amazing feat of engineering too :smiley:

Did you get hassled by anyone on the site?

I take it you filmed that over the course of a few hours? There’s no way they get that in place in a hurry, it’s HUGE :open_mouth:

Thanks for sharing!

I’m the engineer who put the bridge in the right place, to the right heights…


They let me develop my skills in exchange for free footage and photos…

They have a local guy who has his own UAV company come in and do progress stuff also. He was hired by the beams installation crew to record these works, so I was staying out of his way as much as possible. He’s a top bloke and it’s his paid gig so he got a lot of close-up stuff.

I’m lucky they let me play about with mine on the job and it’s great for the portfolio.

One hell of a job mate :+1:

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