A bit of combine harvester action in Upminster Essex

Some wheat being cut


This field that I shot the video and now one opposite not yet harvest😭 is now on fire today approx size 30,000 square meters, 8 engines and 60 fire officers trying to stop it wind is hampering and blowing it over the M25 between j29 to j30

Just a sad update.
Just to put in prospect my son did of a few minutes ago work on a farm in Upminster. The farm house is now on fire the farmer and his family have just been made homeless :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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Update the farmer still has is house as long as the wind doesn’t change. 30 engines and 175 firefighters.

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Where do they get these numbers :roll_eyes:

@PingSpike https://www.london-fire.gov.uk/incidents/2022/july/grass-fire-upminster/

Bad link

@PingSpike @OzoneVibe LFB looks like it has gone down this is a screen shot also see sky news as there is another major fire down the road at wennington people have lost there homes

Jesus Christ, it looks like a plane crash site in Wennington :scream:

Those poor people :pensive:

Fuck! That’s a war zone!

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Earlier I thought I could smell something plastic burning … went and got my fire extinguisher and put it by the patio doors.

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@PingSpike As I said to my wife It looks like a disaster movie :pray:

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I have just uploaded another copy the difference is the first one was edited in iMovie and the new one was done in DaVinci Resolve, can you give some comments if possible TIA