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Article here.Although US based and DJI MM related, nevertheless a quite interesting/entertaining thread. Cops, far fetched, disbelief, then belief, drone monitoring, videos, detective work, nosy Googling, privacy concerns, the usual suspects LOS, VLOS, BVLOS, contravening FAA rules, dragging in the UK for good measure and the only to be expected silly comedic interjection attempts. What’s not to like! Last I looked there were over 90 contributions in just the 1 day since the “alleged incident”.

Might pass a bit of time if too windy to fly.

I’ve not clicked the link but is this the same guy that claimed the army hacked his drone and force-landed it? :man_facepalming:

Same guy probably has experience of little green men anally probing him




No idea. Think he only joined recently as an admin sussed his whereabouts from his initial login.
What was amusing for me was that a few forum members nailed his location and virtually his house from a few clues he gave while trying to not disclose his license plate and exact location.

The guys who he says knocked on his door from the photo provided looked more like Mexican drug cartel representatives rather than plain clothes cops. Plain clothes? Possibly his mates? as the whole thing seemed a tad suss.

He says the cops didn’t actually see his drone land in his garden and it became hidden in the grass when it did? Ought to be out mowing his lawn. Landing in deep grass suggests he is “a bit limp in the cap”. The cops seemed also to be deaf as they didn’t hear it either and I thought those MMs could be a bit noisy close up though although never heard one.

Remains to see whether the whole thing was b*****ks. Mind you it is the US so what are the odds?

He threatened to post a YouTube video tomorrow showing the whole thing.

Its just another mavicpilots thread…

User posts thread, VLOS … rage quit, thread locked…

Same thing over and over. People in the US seem to think GOD gave them the right to fly anywhere because they believe they have the right to.

I got a one month mod warning for using the term hell bent in a topic… you couldnt make it up.


Who ?

I dont know, think he works at the FAA or something

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Watch your language or we will have to issue you a fucking warning :rofl:


Does that come with a Lucifer badge :rofl: :rofl:


Mavic Pilots rules on GADC ??? bring it on!!! :wink: :wink: :rofl: :rofl:

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I’ve not been on Mavic pilots in over a year so wouldnt know what it’s like these days.

GADC is much better. :wink:

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OH YES!!! Agreed!!! can we have a badge for self appointed “drone police”??? pretty please… :rofl: :rofl:


I have not been anywhere near the site since joining “Gud Ole GADC”

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Hope not Chris,its a bloody long way to the good ole USA !!! :rofl: :rofl:

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what’s so good :thinking:

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Well,we do have one very nice American lass on here,does that count??? :rofl: :rofl:

If shes a member of GADC then… :thinking:… erm yes

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Plus one . . . .

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The “ Other Lot” were/are so far up each other’s arses, it was a joke.