A bit of fun

Thought I’d try recreating FPV in Davinci Resolve with some old footage. I think it seems to work quite well. The next job is to take some at a higher frame rate so I can speed it up, add in some more turns and do it all lower…


I’ve never tried Airplane Mode …. but that would produce something very similar I think?

Need to add some camera pitch along with change in height - and almost full FPV could be achieved.

Hmmmm …. this is a perfect scenario for Litchi! :+1:

Oooo, pitch!

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In this thread : Now this is awesome flying! : there are the links to the Instagram and YT for a guy that does this kind of thing rather well.
OK - he uses a drone and GoPro, probably easier than with a DJI to get the rapid terrain following on steep gradients …. but I still think it can me mimicked by our drones.
He includes a bit of technique tutorials, too … albeit in Premiere.

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Spot on - I think it’s easily doable


I’m setting up a Litchi mission specifically to record something to “tinker with”. :wink:

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Some cleaver folk on here . Well done … You know your software .

That’s very kind of you. It’s Turn 7 for a reason though. The first 6 not so good :joy:


What is FPV flying like?

No idea, I’ve never done it

Oh ok so how were you able to recreate the FPV?

I used video editing software (davinci resolve) to do it. Basically you zoom in a bit and then tilt the image to create the effect.

Ahh ok I’ll have a look into that

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