A bit of insight and some history about your Club


Hi everyone.

Well, as you may have seen by now, your Grey Arrows Drone Club recently turned one year old :birthday:

With this in mind, we thought we’d share a bit of history with you.

Get comfy, this may take a while :blush:

How did it all start?

Just over a year ago five blokes were getting a bit miffed about the nearly non-existent amount of UK based drone clubs and internet forums. There were a few big ones out there but they were all heavily American biased and emblazoned with more adverts than they were with helpful content.

These blokes were also equally as cheesed off about not being able to speak freely about modding their drones or even simple things like posting links to other sites for fear of being banned from forums with some overly strict rules.

These blokes were the Grey Arrows founder members.

Armed with super slick forum and a kickass domain name, the Grey Arrows Drone Club was born.

From 5, to 635…

When we started GADC we only had five members.

A year later and we have six hundred and thirty five :scream:

Wait… I’ve only just noticed! Why are there no adverts here…? :thinking:

That’s a good question!

With an equally as good an answer :+1:

Nobody likes adverts. Adverts are intrusive, they add clutter to an otherwise clean site, they generally slow things down and distract people from the real content that they’re looking for. Adverts are always trying to sell you something.

At GADC we’re not trying to sell you anything, so we don’t need any adverts.

Badges and Challenges

As you have no doubt seen by now, we have a wide range of somewhat exclusive Badges available for members to collect on their profiles.

Some are relatively easy to obtain, others need more work.

Alongside the Badges, we’ve also held a series of Challenges over the course of the last twelve months.

During those challenges we’ve seen some fantastic entries in terms of both photos and videos, but is even greater to see is the entire community taking part and enjoying the challenges.

The recent Treasure Hunt Challenge was a huge success and seeing the lengths people were willing to go to in order to get that elusive shot was nothing short of spectacular. Along side that, the banter and jibes were equally as fun to read :smiley:

One thing that we’ve found with the challenges is that the “Click ‘Like’ to Vote” doesn’t work particularly well. We are fully aware of this and we have agonised for quite some time on the best way to handle these challenges. The next challenge will see a completely different approach in terms of judging. We don’t know if this new method is the answer or not, only time (and your essential feedback!) will tell.

Anyway, judging methods aside, rest assured we have more challenges in the pipeline and plan on having the next one up and running within the next week or two :+1:

Expanding your GADC committee

You may have seen an announcement a few weeks ago celebrating the news that @callum and @OzoneVibe (Dave) had joined the Grey Arrows Drone Club committee.

Their help was greatly needed.

Due to various RealLife™ commitments some of the GADC founding members were no longer able to dedicate as much time to the club as they once could and extra help was needed to keep things ticking along nicely.

Both Callum and Dave have been active members of GADC for a long time and they’ve also both been fantastic contributors, both in terms of content and also in shared knowledge. It seemed only natural that they should join the GADC committee and help steer the club going forwards.

Thanks again for accepting, guys :+1:

Club Discounts

As our club has grown we have been able to secure some very exclusive club discounts for you.

EDIT: The exclusive Club Discounts links listed below are only available to Full Members

These discounts range from items as small as Strobon CREE LED lights, through to exclusive discounts with big players such as AirData UAV, right up to hundreds of pounds worth of savings on PfCO training courses.

We hope you find these exclusive discounts of use and we’d welcome your suggestions on other suppliers and organisations we could partner with :+1:

What’s next for GADC?

We’ve a few things in the short term pipeline.

Over the course of the coming months we’re hoping to introduce:

  • Official club merchandise (mugs, coasters, stickers, pens, t-shirts, hats, and so on)
  • More exclusive discounts and partnerships with key industry retailers
  • New club Challenges with even more interesting things for you to set your sights on
  • An opt-in ‘Member Map’ to make finding local members easier
  • Meetups are also a big focus and we are looking into ways of promoting the club through member organised events

Longer term? Our vision sees us continuing to expand the GADC member base by attracting more members, which in turn will provide everyone with an even wider breadth of first hand knowledge and support.

Our committee is also currently having some discussions around GADC becoming an ‘official’ club. This is a big step and one which is not to be taken lightly.

However, in doing so, we will gain a voice. A voice that will be recognised by suppliers, providers and government bodies which will help us lobby a change for the better. Legislation is changing and we want to help steer that change.

Thank you (yes, you!)

We would like to thank you all for your participation in the club so far.

It’s your comments and feedback that we pickup on and hear. If you don’t tell us what you like and what you don’t like we can’t address those issues and we can’t improve on areas that could be improved upon! Please talk to us, either publicly in the forum where others can join your discussion or privately via PM if you’d prefer.

This club is built on the contributions made by its members. If you weren’t all contributing, helping each other and generally discussing all things drone-related this club would simply not be what it is today.

Thank you :blush:


The Grey Arrows Drone Club Committee

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Members map!

Thanks @PingSpike Thanks Rich,also dont forget, that without your extreme dedication,we would not have this fantastic club!,and that goes for all founding members,and all the new mods etc.:+1::+1:I am sure i am not alone,in believing that great things are ahead for this fantastic club:grinning:I look forward with great excitement,to meeting in person,the many members of the club,meetups,events etc Onwards and upwards.,its the only way this club will go.once again ,a big,big thank you to all for making this club what it is today,very proud to be a part of it :+1::+1:


Thanks for the insight and for all the hard work the committee do, both on view and behind the scenes. I come here several times a day, (I know I should get out more) and I’m always picking up snippets of information.
We always seem to have good banter and I don’t ever recall a bad comment appearing anywhere.
So well done everybody!


Having ran a number of forums in the past I know what it’s like and the commitment needed to keep them running and active. Facebook groups did away with a lot of forums so it is great to see this one thriving. It’s great to see people coming together to help other members with their issues whether they be seasoned fliers or newbies like me. the advice is usually spot on.
Thanks for starting this forum and for your dedication to keeping it running and interesting :+1:


That was really a interesting read… thanks very much for sharing.

The lack of advertisements is a huge benefit as far as I’m concerned and another is the relatively small size of the community. I get the feeling of ‘knowing’ the contributors even though we may not have met.

Also the number of new posts and replies each day is manageable from a sheer ‘reading it all’ point of view. Some other forums are so big that there are 10 pages of new posts per day and so I end up skimming them of ignoring them because I just don’t have the time.

I have no gripe with the other forums and I applaud their success but GADC remains my favourite read because it feels like a club, our club.

So a huge shout out to the founders and the committee for providing us all such a wonderful forum for expressing our interest in drones.



What’s that you say?
Free club membership?
Guaranteed acceptance if you are between the age of 18 and 75?
And a free Mavic 2 Pro just for enquiring???
Count me in !!
:wink: :smiley:


Thanks for pulling together the snapshot on GADC’s past and direction of travel, and to all the committee members that have worked so hard to make this community what it is.

Consider this a virtual glass, raised in your honour:

Onwards and upwards! Well, to 400ft anyway.


I just want to echo all the thoughts above and, in particular, a big thanks to you guys for making GADC happen and continue to grow.

The fact that it is Brit based forum is such a bonus for me, and the welcoming and supportive nature of the members who post here. I have learnt so much and gained so much confidence in flying, and that makes me a daily visitor.

And I do love the badge idea. being a ‘little’ competitive it’s right up my street and helps me to get out and fly more often.

Thanks again guys for you do. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


You can always display your Bottock Clencher badge after your name.
Head to your profile and go down to Title :wink:

Edit: Or one of the others. :wink:


I have to say that, when I first read @PingSpike’s draft of the above, I found it really fascinating … being totally unaware of GADC’s origins.
I joined last November time and my early experiences here have been perfectly echoed by your responses above.


Thanks for the history lesson Rich
I had just bought my MP when rich contacted me and @mickydd about joining from a post we had on the Mavic pro forum
Well we had a meet up first of a few

@PingSpike One question and I am curious as to the cost of running there will be the hosting and the domain name cost just wondered if to help a donation means is available or a small membership fee to go towards the upkeep with say 10% of us only gave a £1 that would help towards the admin and possible prizes for future competitions like a toffeee crisp or a bag of crisps to the winner…
I hope you don’t mind me asking


The second part of your post is kind of answered already, in Rich’s post, in this …

“Money” complicates some things, hence …

But, thanks for your comments. :+1:


This is a refreshing forum being limited to UK dronies. Since being introduced …thanks Rich…I’ve enjoyed viewing threads - stories, pics and vids every day.


I got one think it is a very good idea.

For an example of how it could work - take a look at Fetcheveryone.com - a running site I use. The guy that runs it asks for donations, understands if not, or offers the chance to say ‘ask me in a month’. Might be worth getting in touch with him to find out how successful the model is? His name is Ian.


Yup - various paths available - we just need to bat it about some more and decide which one is the most suitable to take.
Thanks. :+1:

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Additional : the reason the ‘ask me in a month’ facility is good is because it gives you the option of they before you buy. When I can get myself up to running 5k, I will be signing up and helping fund the site.


Have to say you Guys, I have over the years been involved (as many others, no doubt) in Other Forums and sites over the Years, but, This site is special to me because of fact its BRITISH !!.
I agree with several others that other Forums (of which I am still a member of!) are throttled, to what you can say, what you can do, etc, etc, etc.
This site is Friendly, Informative, the hand of help is always there, advice is sound, honest, and not biased.
Yes, we all have our opinions, some we share, some we don’t !.
But I visit this site, a lot, sometimes many times a day !.
And with my up and coming retirement at the end of this year (if the buggers will let me!)
I hope to meet up with many more of you, at various times, and places (as I already have!) and explore this great Country we live in to its fullest while I can.
So, Moderators keep up the Great Work you do behind the scenes !, we really do appreciate it, it does not go un-noticed I can assure you !.
Here’s hoping that things settle down so we can ALL enjoy this great technological Hobby of ours !!, without a few Nob Heads, who, if we let them, will spoil it for all of us !!!


I was about to ask for more history with regards to the club, then hey presto…its answered
I agree with others with regards to help in funding, just say the word should it ever be needed.
Keep up the amazing work you all do.
Thanks again


Thanks but will go with ‘regular’ :joy:


But would like to claim ‘Birds Eye Viewer’ for my Pano’s :wink: