A bit of insight and some history about your Club



Your early panos were way back when I was an “ordinary member” … and kind of assumed you’d been awarded that badge already. :+1:


Thanks Dave, I like that as a title!


Thanks for the past year and all the work that’s gone into making something for the UK drone community


Nice job, Rich. Just right. :grin:


Tried to like the post but I’ve been rekt by the limit on likes per 24 hours :joy:

This is my favourite drone forum, I actually don’t use any others anymore due to GADC having everything! Quality effort from the founders who spotted a gap in the market for a proper UK drone forum.

I like the atmosphere here, nothing pretentious and questions from new or inexperienced pilots aren’t shot down, just a friendly UK based community :ok_hand:t2:


I am up for making a contribution.
why not set up a just giving page for members
a few quid wouldn’t be too much to ask.
thanks for setting this up
I like the fact it is UK based
well done all


Thanks for all the great replies everyone, it’s good to know we’re doing the right things :+1:

And just to re-iterate this:

If you have a new feature you’d like to see added to the forums here, let us know :+1:

If you have any suggestions for new Challenges, let us know :+1:

If you have any ideas for some great Badges we can add for people to collect, let us know :+1:

If, if, if… well, you get the idea :slight_smile:

To address the hosting / donations points raised, as this has come up in the past too, I personally would just like to say - thanks everyone :blush:

We’re ok at the moment in terms of funding/hosting/donations/etc - but sincerely, thank you :slight_smile:



As a newbie to quads, (thats the proper name isnt it?..discuss, not wishing to be confrontational:);))…I agree with all the comments above in terms of UK centric (in a good way) and the positive tone, oh yes and no adverts.

Whilst I am still on stabilisers, the next step that I would like to see would be more face to face, “kick the tyres” events. I say this because YouTube is great bit cant replace real people and experiences.

I saw the thread on the NEC show ealry Dec, so perhaps that will be a chance to say Hi face to face

Keep Up the Good Work…and dont give them your name, Pike.


Many thanks for this forum. As a newby I have learnt so much from my almost daily visits


I was wondering where the “grey” bit came from…

  1. We sometimes operate in grey areas…or
  2. It reflects the (perhaps, allegedly) average hair tone of the membership…(controversial):wink:, or
  3. ANOther explanation…


  1. Red Arrows was already taken :wink:

  2. Most Mavic drones are grey


You guys Rock


Typo: should have read “grey” not “great”:roll_eyes:

PS good answer😉


Echoing what everyone else here is saying, thanks guys! Great job y’all doing. Also, can I suggest another item of merch? (Obviously with some text changes)? I think this would actually be useful at disuading Joe Vigilante from hassling us as much? Also, hi vis jackets seem to be all the rage these days!


Not for me thank you.


Something like this might be more appropriate.


pmsl … might look out of place on the beach. :joy:


We could do desert and urban camo with a controller and drone skin to match. Sorted :rofl:


searching for ‘Grey Arrows merchandise’ landed me here, I’m up for contributing towards this forum, was looking for merch to buy t-shirt or patches to add to bags/jacket etc


I did one myself (a sports shirt) my mate has a tee shirt hotpress, grabbed the GADC logo and a cheap sports shirt.
My daughter bought me a good tee shirt the other year!

I gave a second sports shirt to another one of our members here.
Had many comment while wearing it, does put the Young Park boys in their place when they see me flying !.