A brand new 'Photographic Order of Merit' Badge

This is very different to anything we’ve done before!

It’s not …

  • a badge you can specifically enter a photo for
  • a badge you can win as a result of a challenge or competition
  • a badge that will be given out because something you post relates to the badge title
  • a badge that the forum’s Discourse software gives you because you reached a landmark in your membership here.

Nope - it’s none of those things - and it’s way better than any of those things - AND … it’s not going to be a walk in the park to obtain! :smiling_imp:

But, at the same time, it’s also easy to obtain …. IF …. you can create and post a photograph, taken with your drone (whilst it is in flight), that the committee agree is totally superb!

And, it gets better because … it’s MORE than ONE badge! There are three badges - Bronze, Silver and Gold!!

So - how does this all work?

  • Bronze:
    This badge is exclusive to Grey Arrows Drone Club members and is awarded for sharing a photograph which the Committee consider to be of outstanding merit!

  • Silver:
    This badge is exclusive to Grey Arrows Drone Club members and is awarded for having achieved three Bronze ‘Photographic Orders of Merit’!

  • Gold:
    This badge is exclusive to Grey Arrows Drone Club members and is awarded for having achieved three Silver ‘Photographic Orders of Merit’!

This is not a short term award … this will be ongoing … long term!
It needs to be - it’s going to take NINE such amazing photos to obtain your first GOLD POoM! (Photographic Order of Merit)!

Define amazing?

Ah - that would be telling! :grin:
But, at least 2 of the committee must agree that any candidate photo is amazing, in their opinions, to be worthy of a POoM.
Hidden away from public view, we will discuss the photos we consider worthy and track where in the three-tier system anyone is at any time.

Where do you post photos?

Since you can’t enter a photo for this award anywhere specifically … any photo posted anywhere in the #media:photos category, or in any current/future challenge/competition, or included in any thread for any reason … AND it blows two pairs of committee socks off … then it will be awarded the Photographic Order of Merit.

Other rules?

One important one! “No asking. No begging, No hinting. No recommending.”

Also - should anyone post more than one photo that the committee deem taken on the same day and at the same location, and all of an exceptional standard, only one POoM will be awarded for that considered the most deserving.

Multi badge/award eligibility

  • Any photo that is awarded a POoM can also be awarded other relevant badges, and photos that have been awarded other badges can still be considered for a POoM.
  • A photo that is awarded a POoM is ineligible for entry into any subsequent challenges/competitions.
  • Photos entered into any challenge/competition will not be considered for a POoM until after the results of that challenge/competition have been announced.

Gallery of Recipients