A Church in Hornby near North Yorkshire

I was driving to Bedale this morning and I was diverted through a little village called Hornby. As I was driving through the village I drove past a quaint Church. So I had to stop and take some photos.


Litchi test ?

No it was just starting to rain so I was up and down very quickly.
I’ll get it tested. How are you doing with the testing?

Gale conditions here, it connects and seems happy in the kitchen


Sure we will get some good weather this weekend :crossed_fingers:t2:

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DJI testing or android?

I think he is wanting to test IOS.
If the weather had been better I would have tested today. But I only had 5 minutes and I didn’t have time to sort a mission.

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Nice shots.
I like to fly around churches and film. Finding those not surrounded by trees can be tricky though.

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