A civilised place for civilised people - a gentle reminder

Dear Grey Arrows Drone Club members.

As our membership continues to grow and activity on the discussion forum here increases, we are finding ourselves questioning the suitability of some posts.

From time to time, some posts go off topic. This is a discussion forum, it’s bound to happen. Usually though, the general gist stays on the theme of drones or photography.

Sometimes, if a thread goes too far off topic from the original post we’ll split the off-topic posts out in to a new thread, in order to try and keep the main thread on-topic.

Other times, a thread goes so far off topic that we find ourselves questioning the suitability of the post and the subsequent replies to the point that even splitting it out in to a new topic wouldn’t be relevant to drones or photography.

On rare occasions some posts quite frankly border on puerile smuttiness and sexual innuendo.

Whilst the nature and ethos of our club is one of freedom, the committee does not want to edit or remove posts but we may find our hand forced by the content and nature of some replies.

We have a #droning-on category for off-topic things in general and we welcome discussion about pretty much anything and everything in there.

Our friends, if you have a few minutes, may we please remind you of this page:

Improve the Discussion

Thank you for your understanding and for helping make our club a better place to be.


The Grey Arrows Drone Club Committee.


Hi again everyone.

Just to be clear, nobody said anything about swearing (or not swearing).

We are probably one of the very few forums in the world that doesn’t have a swear word filter in place.

Which means you can swear as much as you fucking well like.

Our point with the above reminder was more around the content / subject-matter of some posts.



Is it compulsory to swear or can we just occasionally act civilized and use words like “oh bother” and “bless me”? Dash and dam sound good to?

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Fucking A

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I say old chap…steady on!!!

Oh Matron

I wonder if the Touretts help forum has a swear filter :thinking: