A day of two Discos


Shortly after I bought my disco a good friend of mine was so impressed with it he also bought one and today we went out so he could have his maiden flight. It was gusting 25mph but no problem for the disco, I flew his model for him first so he could get an idea of how it flew and then he had a fly. He was delighted with it!

Following his flights I had a quick flight with mine and here’s a video of my flight, nothing special or too scenic but I thought a would share

A couple of pics from the flying site today of our aircraft


Nice one Andy!

I’m still really intrigued by this fixed wing malarkey :slight_smile:

Have you ever flown your quad in fixed wing mode?


Your video is much better than both of mine.

Any idea of temperature at your flying location? Wind?


I’ve not flown a quad in fixed wing mode yet, keep meaning to check it out, that may be a lunchtime objective this week now you mention it :slight_smile: but have been flying my Spark in sport mode just for fun recently, without shooting any vids or photos and have really been enjoying zipping around with it!

Callum the wind was about 12-14mph gusting 25 according to my wind meter at ground level, and the car thermometer said it was 15 degrees as we drove to the site. Hopefully my mate will sort his video out as will be interesting to compare them having flown in exactly the same conditions


Was about 9 degrees when I was flying so still hoping it’s temperature related.


It’s a real interesting one about the temperature and the optics. Here’s the same flight with telemetry overlay, though it’s not quite in sync which is harder t correct than I expected. Got some decent speed up in the wind it seems!


Since there is very little information on the Disco, I guessed it might be worth a rampage through Bebop footage on the Tube.
I found this clip which has shed some light on things we may not have thought of.