A day on the Yorkshire coast


Really nice footage there - Liked and Subbed :+1:

I take it that was you, stood on the edge of that cliff?? :smiley:

Ha Ha yes and my wife walking across the cliff, a funny thing happened whilst flying, I went around the cliff face and decided to come back along the cliff edge and OMG lost signal and live feed, so stayed calm and waited a second pressed RTH and waited, did you see the lad with the dog in a clip ? well we stood there and waited for the drone to appear nothing happened but we noticed the dog just looking up into the sky, we though what the heck is he looking at we looked up and the Mavic was at max altitude just hovering so I rebooted the software and pressed RTH and she came home, thanks to the dog it saved the day…


I live on the coast and have never had the balls to fly the mavic over the water, I need to grow a pair cause we have some lovely scenery.

That’s some good footage footage there and it’s put together really well.

Many thanks still learning :+1::grinning:

Lol, that sounds like a proper crap-ya-pants moment :smiley:

Any idea why it was just hovering on the spot and not RTH’ing on its own??

Gotta love dogs :dog: :dog2: :paw_prints: :+1:

O yes I was bricking it :weary:
Not got a clue I presumed the app crashed and caused it to just hang there ???