A day out in the glorious sunshine (yesterday)

The Mavic Air 2 coped with the gusting winds in the valley.


Nice video. For a moment I had a bit of a scare when I saw that power line close, but seems that you were way aware of it. I would of avoid it altogether, as sometimes I would forget were it was and how close I was to it.

Hi and thanks for commenting.

Fortunately the field was on the small side and the drone easy to see its path - agreed though it is quite simple to under estimate height and obstructions when enjoying the hobby.

Keep well.

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Colours are great in your video… great atmosphere!

I’m in the ‘get more practice’ zone too, but it was not jerky… You taught me a lesson to look around first… ‘power lines!’
It would be so easy to get ‘caught up’ in the moment… literally … LOL

Hi to you too.

Pleased you liked it and thanks for the encouragement - surprising what we see after the event. :eyes:

Keep flying.