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Big post alert! Having waited for a couple of weeks to get my Air I managed to do a substantial amount of research on it, the rules, post editing etc. Now having flown it a number of times I wondered if I might ask a few newbie arbitrary questions that I can’t seem to find any answers to (hopefully this may be of help to others also):

Drone Code:

  1. How is visual line of sight defined? Or rather BVLOS (beyond visual…) Is it by range (given we all have differing eyesight capabilities and mine are crap :grinning:) and if so how much or is it range and uninterrupted view?
  2. I understand and support 150m ruling and like the idea this prevents overflight of secure facilities/airports/crowds etc due to 400ft ceiling, however, when it comes to the 50m rule how do you define a ‘built up’ area and therefore no flying over? Is it a certain number of dwellings for example?

Flying permissions

  1. I note the National Trust post on here and the ban on UAV’s etc as an example. If you take off in/and land on an area that is within the public domain (and you are within your rights to do so) is flying over any area at a height greater than 50m; (and not deemed NFZ) trespassing? Not withstanding the application of common sense in terms of privacy etc…

LiPo batteries:

  1. Aware that the MA bats discharge after a period of time and then enter hibernation mode. How long is it ‘ok’ to keep then at full charge long term ie if you charge them the night before a flight as an example is this detrimental or ok?

Last one! Flight logs:

  1. In the DJIGo 4 app you can export and it momentarily flashes a path to its location. I’m using a Mac. Does anyone know where to find them and presumably you connect the quad up via DJI assistant to get at them?

Thanks again guys and apologies for the long post!

Drone Code -

  1. Line of sight is measured objectively (I.e. would a reasonable person with good eyesight, with or without glasses, still be able to see the quad and its immediate environs and therefore be able to react immediately if circumstances required it). There is no specific distance limit only a guide within the Code.
  2. If you examine the latest Air Navigation Order in relation to flying drones (the relevant part is only a couple of pages) and do a little research you will find that a built-up area encompasses all residential areas - there isn’t a minimum number of residences. Once again in areas of doubt the objective test of the reasonable man would be used to ascertain yeah or nay.

Flying Permissions -
No-one owns the airspace above their property. The NT approach towards drone flying is widely regarded as inaccurate in law and draconian. There are differences between hobbyist and commercial fights re take-off, landing and overflights. IMHO so long as you take off and land from either a public place or a private place with the owner’s permission the NT can’t do diddlysquat - with the caveat that they own copyright over any images taken so such cannot be used for reward or commercial purposes (without their permission - which will cost a mint).

LiPo Batteries -
Never keep them fully charged for days at a time - they will damage themselves and run an increased risk of overheating/fire. Personally I let the batteries own management take care of them (you can select how this is done within Go4) in the short term and only fully charge them the day before I intend to use them. If they are not going to be used for some time (eg winter) they should be stored in hibernation mode as per Go4.

Flight Logs -
I use an app which automatically uploads my flight logs and also provides tons of additional info about the machine, the flight, etc., onto my Mac - it’s called Air Data HD Sync.

Hope the above helps


Just to echo what Barry has already said, take off from somewhere nearby and don’t be a dick :slight_smile:

ie. If the place is rammed full of people, don’t fly over them.

I do the same with the batteries too. Mine are set to a ten day discharge then I charge them all up the day before I fly.

Sod’s law though, on a nice day when I want a quick flight, the batteries are flat :rofl:

I also use Airdata UAV but I don’t use the HDSync app anymore, my Airdata account is linked to my DJI account and it pulls the logs in automatically (somehow!)

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