A good Birthday

Thanks to my lovely family who got me some lovely presents for my birthday and I finally add the mini 2 to the drone hanger to keep the M2P company lol.


An excellent choice in clothing!

Thank you for supporting the club :blush:

And perhaps more importantly…

:tada: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :tada:


Thank you , I owe this club and its members so much its the least we could do .


Hope you had a great birthday

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Thank you , yes I have its been great and the mini 2 is nearly charged lol

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Happy birthday @scottydog , you lucky dog good prezzies

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Thank you , yes very happy lol

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Happy belated birthday pal.
You will enjoy the M2

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Thank you , I hope so , I’m charged and updated so fingers crossed for the weather lol

Happy Birthday Scott :birthday: some great pressies you have there. You can get out and fly the new Mini 2 in your new GADC hoodie and hat tomorrow :+1:t2: have fun :smiley:


Thank you , yes weather permitting I’m looking forward to it

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