A little newbie feedback


So having had my M2P just over 2 months now and I’ve gotta say im loving it.

I was after something (else) to get me out the house as I work from home 100% of the time and this has been spot on.

There has been plenty to learn too as I’ve had to give myself a bit of crash course in ISO’s, Apertures, Shutter speeds et al due to my new recent interest in photography…And I’ve still got so much to learn there incl manipulating RAW files. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Plus I’ve get to my head around learning the many cinematic shots that can be created using the many intelligent flight modes as well as mastering the flight techniques to create my own too. All good fun for sure and great excuse to get out from under my wifes feet! :grin:

When Im at work my M2P sits on my desk like a friggin pet and im sure its after a biscuit or two!

Its a dream to fly (lets face it, they pretty much fly themselves,thanks litchi!) and is pretty solid and v quiet too. So its been a perfect first drone for a novice to sharpen his aerial photography claws on.

Its a strange buzz you get from flying these things but its addictive!

Its just an arse that some/most of us feel that we have to watch out for non-droners for fear of grief. Might just wear a kilt and show’em me arse should I ever happen across such folk!

I have to say this forum is simply invaluable with some rather helpful and most splendid friendly folk with plenty of experience and a wardrobe full of answers too!!

Thankyou all!! :grinning::+1:


Totally agree, but I’d write UAV on my buttocks because I hate the word Drone…:see_no_evil:


Good to know :blush:

And thank you, for being a part of it too :slight_smile:


@sunstone Just got,to see a picture of your pet mavic,eating biscuits on your desk!:rofl::rofl::rofl:BTW does it have a collar and lead aswell:wink::wink:


im in total agreement. Drone is such a dirty word. UAV is much better!


Been looking but can’t find a collar or lead that doesn’t chafe the poor thing it’s the squareness of them shoulders!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Could do with a lead mind cos it loves running away out of VLOS and funnily enough loves anything above 400ft too! Lol

Resting up at the mo after a busy weekend! :wink:


Hope the dog does not think your Mavic is a bone :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Or a smaller (female) dog. :wink:


Raise em right,and you have an endless supply of MAVICS,DOGS?:wink::wink:


MP = Mavic Puppy?


As long as its not a politician ! MP!:wink:


Actually it’s a cat. A bloody mean thing mind so I won’t leaving my Mavic Puppy in her bed! Lol