A long hello from South Yorkshire

TL:DR Eyup everybody .

Sorry for probably the longest ever introduction

New user/owner here from South Yorkshire .
I have been an R/C enthusiast for many years (But never too seriously).
Mainly cars/trucks/buggies etc (Ground based) but with the occasional foray into toy drones bumping off TV’s and light fittings. I still can’t fly the damn things with any great effect . LOL.
I finally took the plunge and bought my first “real” drone last week . A DJI Mini 2 (Are we allowed to call it a Mavic Mini 2 still ?)
Without trying to come across as a “Goody two shoes” .
I would like to be a considerate drone user and continue to promote the sport and enjoy it for as long as possible . The last thing I want to do is damage the sport or “Drone operator” reputations by flying in inappropriate locations or at inappropriate times . I hear all too often from “so called drone operators” that “it doesn’t matter” or “who cares anyway” when licenses and laws/and restrictions get mentioned.
You know the type I’m sure ? These are NOT what or who I would consider “Drone operators” . I find it highly inconsiderate and extremely annoying to say the least. Not to mention the irreparable damage the these people do to the sport .
Rant over .

Therefore I have been trying to do due diligence by watching (repeatedly) some UK Drone based channels for information on what is /is not allowed under the new CAA regulations.
I came here under the recommendation of Ian in London’s channel
This video in Particular.
Consequentially I have signed up to Drone Scene . Awesome I might add . And I have barely used it for anything but my local area at this point.
Progress so far . . .

I have downloaded the DJI app to my phone .
Charged the batteries and controller .
Taken the stickers off the drone .

LOL Only joking I won’t be breaking things down that far .

Going to hopefully get airborne sometime this weekend , weather permitting .
After registering things , insurance and getting certified etc

Again apologies for the long post . I will hopefully be back with some moderately stunning legal footage fairly soon . Either that or I’ll be asking about the cheapest way to repair a totalled drone .

Thanks for your time .
Happy flying .



Eyup back, from the North Riding.

Thank you for the kind words on DroneScene.

With the M2 the world really is your oyster, look forward to seeing some of your efforts.

The Yorkshire members meet regularly in more normal times it thats your thing

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Wotcha mate :+1:t2:


Hi Chris .
Thanks for the reply and info .
I am most certainly looking for a local club to join . In more normal times it would be great to meet and discuss face to face some of the vast opportunities that this great sport offers .



Backatcha Spike . Thanks for the reply . :wink: :+1: LOL


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Alright mar maert from the Black Country.

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:+1: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: Hi ya Spike . Thanks for the greeting and reply .


Hi Andrew and welcome to GADC.

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Thanks for the reply Hunter .
I’m just working through the CAA 40 questions as we speak .
Seems fairly straight forward .